Nitin Garg

Nitin Garg is the founder of Flow Global where he provides liquidity solutions for independent businesses in emerging markets. He is also the Managing Partner at ConsultColors.

Nitin Garg has more than 12 years of experience in assisting several financial services providers and digital finance implementations across Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Pacific region (spanning more than 15 countries). Nitin has worked as a Specialist in the Banking and Innovations domain of MSC. He creates enabling solutions for the unbanked population across the developing economies. Nitin is also a digital transformation expert and has helped several institutions understand, design, and manage the transformation process. After leaving MSC, he worked as a Digital Finance Expert at UNCDF.

Posts by Nitin Garg

Incentives for E/M-Banking Customers to Drive Usage

This Note looks at various ways of incentivising customers to increase the uptake and use of m-banking services.

Pricing for E/M-Banking

This Note discusses customer perceptions around some of the key pricing issues for banks while implementing agent-based banking.

Removing the Pain from Using Cash: An M-banking Solution?

This note expands on the cost of cash research, and presents the key findings from the study undertaken and provides insights on how an organisation may apply the tool’s findings in an e- or m-banking scenario

Understanding the ‘Cost of Cash’ for Low Income Clients: Why and How?

MicroSave developed a “cost of cash” tool specifically around for understanding the pain involved in cash transactions which helps e/m-banking stakeholders to discover which suite of transactions to focus on.

Listening to Agents of M-Banking in India

This note examines the perceptions and demands of agents – the front-line of m-banking solutions.

Listening to Clients of M-Banking in India

This note examines the perceptions and demands of clients – the end-users of m-banking solutions

Potential for E-/M-Banking Enabled Migrant Remittances

This note analyses whether remittance recipients in rural areas have access to, and the ability to use, mobile phones for this purpose.

Migrant Remittances – An Untapped Market

This note analyses the demand side, analysing the four basic types of migrants and three types of recipients, their livelihoods and their remittance behaviour.