Shivshankar V

Shivshankar worked as a Senior Analyst, focused in the Digital Financial Services Domain of MSC.

Shivshankar worked as a Senior Analyst, focused in the Digital Financial Services Domain of MSC. He also acted as the resident expert in the Philippines for MSC.

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Remittance Market in the Philippines

The Philippines, an archipelago of 7107 islands, is an important remittance market in Asia. Over 9.5 Million Overseas Filipino Workers send over US$ 24.3 billion (10.7% of the GDP) every year which makes Philippines the third largest recipient of remittance in Asia after India and China. In this vedio, Shivshankar V., our Resident Expert in […]

White Labelled Mobile Financial Services

White labelling is quite common in the financial services sector. Smaller banks sometimes outsource their credit card operations to larger banks. The larger bank issues and processes the credit cards as white label cards, typically for a fee, allowing the smaller bank to brand the cards as their own without having to invest in the […]

Mobile money – Influencers of success

In this study, we attempt to examine some notable mobile money deployments across the globe.

Structuring and Managing Agent Network – I

This Note, and the next in the series, review and critique the agent networks of diverse organisations in different contexts and geographies.

State of Business Correspondent Industry in India – The Supply Side Story

This paper is based on a survey conducted by MicroSave in March 2012, with eleven leading BCNMs. The survey included gathering information on a variety of key outreach, transaction and activity metrics and a questionnaire to elicit qualitative aspects of BC operations.

Incentivising E/M-Banking Agents

This Note discusses the basics of incentivising e/m-banking agents. It also discusses the different types of incentives and experience across different e/m-banking deployments.

Incentives for E/M-Banking Customers to Drive Usage

This Note looks at various ways of incentivising customers to increase the uptake and use of m-banking services.

Exploring reasons for dormancy in no frills savings accounts in Tamil Nadu

This research aims to understand the reasons for widespread dormancy in No Frills Accounts opened through various service providers like public and private sector banks, RRBs and business correspondents.