Minakshi Ramji

Currently works as Project Leader, Digital Financial Services (DFS) Advisory with IFC - International Finance Corporation. IFC is a member of the World Bank Group, is the largest global development institution focused exclusively on the private sector in developing countries.

While working with MSC, Minakshi led various small teams to both identify and resolve issues relating to access to digital finance in India and Nepal.

Posts by Minakshi Ramji

How to Make Optimum Use of Agent Networks (2/2)

The note highlights the need for BCNMs to be innovative to identify opportunity areas, expand their service portfolio, and offer a winning customer proposition.

How to Make Optimum Use of Agent Networks (1/2)

This Note explores opportunities for BCNMs to make their agent networks viable, ensuring stability of deployments, and a win-win value proposition for all stakeholders.

The Answer is “Yes”—Cost and Willingness to Pay in India

This Policy Brief discusses how poor people manage their money better and are willing to pay for more convenient banking services in India.

Savings perceptions and preferences in India – The relative risk to the savings of the poor

MicroSave conducted a study in three different Indian states – Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu this past year to seeks answers to the following questions: How do poor people save and what works best for them among the formal, semi-formal, and informal choices available? Why do they choose one investment or savings versus another, […]

When You Can’t Save Up – Saving Down and Saving Through

This Note discusses how low-income households move financial value through time using loans and chit funds in order to access large sums of money

Lessons from CSMs: Customer Perspectives

This Note focuses on feedback received from customers on the product offering, customer service, and the processes involved in m-banking, all important aspects of product acceptance and usage.

Managing Customer Satisfaction in Agent Banking

This Briefing Note discusses the design and implementation of a Customer and Channel Satisfaction Measurement and Management exercise which seeks feedback from m-banking customers on important areas.

Lessons from CSMs: Agent Perspectives

This Note particularly focuses on agent (customer service point/CSP) feedback. Regular CSM exercises can be very helpful in taking the pulse of its agents or customer service points (CSPs).