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Access to credit in West Bengal post microfinance crisis

The findings and recommendations from this research will help the microfinance stakeholders in India to make decisions that enable the poor to have better access to financial services.

Repositioning as a Third Generation Microfinance Institution Corporate Branding at ASKI

This Note presents the case of ASKI, a development NGO in the Philippines, which grappled with these issues and how it developed a corporate branding strategy.

Financial inclusion: Success is in the details

Financial inclusion in India is still characterised by a multiplicity of efforts in silos,” notes MicroSave expert, and how the current piecemeal approach is holding financial inclusion from becoming pervasive.

Access to Credit Post Microfinance Crisis

This Policy Brief draws a comparison between how access to credit for the MFI clients changed in these two states post AP crisis, and its impact on the MFI clients.

Customer Support for E/M-Banking Users

E/M-banking systems depend on above all on clients’ trust. This Note examines various dimensions around enhancing customer experience.

Remittances: The Evolving Competitive Environment

This Policy Brief examines the various facets of remittance product offerings, highlights some important aspects and issues around the different remittance models.

Review of MMT Payments to Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs) in Sheikhpura, Bihar

Accredited Social Health Activist or ASHAs generally face problems such as untimely payments, uncertainty in disbursement date, cheque clearance delay, and long waiting time at the bank branch. The Norway India Partnership Initiative has initiated a pilot project to improve the timeliness of payments to ASHA worker’s incentives in Sheikhpura district of Bihar using a mobile money transfer system.

Graduating SBI Tatkal Customers

This Note discusses when and why customers may be ready to try new services beyond the entry Tatkal product.