Lokesh Singh

Lokesh is the Co-Founder of Farmart Agri Service Private Limited and is currently working towards solving the most fundamental challenge of Agriculture in India , that is, the low usage of technology that leads to low productivity.

Lokesh was a Senior Manager in Digital Finance—Government and Social Impact (GSI) domain of MSC India. His responsibilities included working with government agencies and service providers to support them in the efficient implementation of G2P transfer programs.

Posts by Lokesh Singh

G2P Payment: A Job Half Done

Direct Benefit Transfer program was thought to be effective method of achieving goal of financial inclusion. Its effectiveness was thought to be an outcome of necessity of making payments to individual bank accounts and also because of regularity of payments. However, due to operational issues its progress does not inspire much hope. At best DBT […]

Mor Committee report: Will DBT be the way to financial inclusion?

If the Mor Committee report’s recommendations are accepted as they are, Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) will go through a sea change. This blog assess the recommendations that impact DBT.

District readiness for G2P payments: Ready or not…Well, still mostly ‘not’ part – I

This blog highlights the complexity of setting-up a system to deliver EBTs effectively in India. And how there seemed to be little rationale for the selection of districts for pilot-tests and rollout of Aadhaar-enabled EBTs.

Don’t Throw the Baby Out with Bathwater

This note reflects on the understanding on the recent decision to suspend the DBT scheme for liquid petroleum gas LPG cylinders (popularly known as DBTL).

District readiness for G2P payments: Ready or not… Well, still mostly ‘not’ part – II

Here we discuss how MicroSave has responded to system challenge for EBTs and developed “district readiness assessment” (DRA) tool, to assess the readiness of a district to deliver EBTs.

The Curious Case of Missing Agents in Rural India

This note highlights the survey conducted by MicroSave covering five districts of U.P and Bihar, to ascertain the real presence of CSPs and their activity levels.