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Cash-in and cash-out (CICO) agent use cases: Opportunities for diversification

CICO agents in developing countries, including India, Kenya, Bangladesh, and Indonesia, face a slew of sustainability challenges. These include competition, low margins, reduced commissions, and user-initiated DFS transactions. MSC proposes a dynamic use case mix for agent sustainability that uses a seven-factor analysis to curate diverse and dynamic use cases.

How can customized and bundled digital financial services improve the lives of women micro and small entrepreneurs operating from open-air and cross-border markets? A case from Kenya

Our blog highlights the challenges that stop financial services providers from developing cheaper, long-term credit that can unlock productive credit for women micro and small entrepreneurs operating from open-air and cross-border markets in Kenya. It also examines solutions these financial services providers can employ to serve these women effectively.

The need for innovative digital financial services to improve the lives of female micro- and small entrepreneurs operating in open-air and cross-border markets: A case from Kenya

MSC conducted primary research in Kenya to understand the challenges of female traders in open-air and cross-border markets. The study identified limitations that prevent them from using digital financial services comprehensively. We sought to learn why these owners of micro and small enterprises shy from using credit, savings, insurance, and payments. Faith Njeri is one such woman. Our new blog discusses the financial challenges countless women like her struggle with as they work on their dream of financial independence.