Premasis Mukherjee

Premasis Mukherjee is currently working as an Independent Banking Consultant. He advises banks and financial institutions on digital finance and payments strategy.

Premasis Mukherjee worked as a Group Leader and Senior Manager at MSC. He led the Research and Social Security and Insurance practice of the company. He helps financial institutions across Asia and Africa in innovation and User-Centric design of products, processes, business models and strategic plans. He is a technical lead in Digital Finance, Behavioral Economics, Inclusive Finance, Social Security and Pensions, and Supply Chain Finance. After leaving MSC, he has also worked with the International Finance Corporation.

Posts by Premasis Mukherjee

Regulatory Feasibility in Microinsurance

This note discusses a framework for comprehensive analysis of microinsurance regulation through assessment of three broad aspects: regulatory capacity, clarity in regulation and promotion of microinsurance.

Great business for banks – So why are they slow to build agency banking?

In this blog, MicroSave elaborates the reasons why despite clear business opportunity banks are reticent and unwilling to commit to agency banking.

Choice Pyramid: A Microinsurance Strategy Tool

Any organisation faces three main dilemmas while strategizing for microinsurance. In this note the Choice Pyramid offers a framework to analyse and resolve these issues and dilemmas.

Understanding complex human financial behaviour: Alternative approaches

What drives the financial decision making of the poor? Here MicroSave team heads out to decipher the inherent thinking process behind these decisions through its research project – MetaMon.

Basing product development on mental models and metaphors

This blog delves deep into the whys of financial decisions and how people think of money. The author argues understanding mental models and metaphors are key to product design.

Microinsurance: Importance of Client Awareness

This podcast tries to explain the importance of client awareness in the success of microinsurance. The success of a microinsurance product depends on the knowledge level of the client, their perception of insurance and the reputation of the insurance providers. Clients expect a product which has a low premium but good coverage and this is […]

Microinsurance: Market Research

Microinsurance as a sector of diversity demands comprehensive market research on product features, risk perception, willingness, affordability and client awareness. In this podcast Premasis Mukherjee, Practice Group Leader of Microinsurance in MSC and Rosalind Piggot discusses the role and process of market research in microinsurance.

Microinsurance: The Indian Dilemma

Microinsurance in India is at a crucial juncture. Poised for new regulatory regime in one side and pressurised to perform on profitability expectations on others, the microinsurance sector may soon witness innovations of different kinds in India. Premasis Mukherjee of MSC and Rosalind Piggot discusses the issues with Indian microinsurance sector in reference to Securing […]