Premasis Mukherjee

Premasis Mukherjee is currently working as an Independent Banking Consultant. He advises banks and financial institutions on digital finance and payments strategy.

Premasis Mukherjee worked as a Group Leader and Senior Manager at MSC. He led the Research and Social Security and Insurance practice of the company. He helps financial institutions across Asia and Africa in innovation and User-Centric design of products, processes, business models and strategic plans. He is a technical lead in Digital Finance, Behavioral Economics, Inclusive Finance, Social Security and Pensions, and Supply Chain Finance. After leaving MSC, he has also worked with the International Finance Corporation.

Posts by Premasis Mukherjee

Challenges of Microinsurance in India

This Note tries to identify and analyse the challenges faced by the stakeholders of microinsurance in India.

Microinsurance in India – The Evolution of Market Trends

This Note analyses these trends with decade long comparative data on microinsurance products and their performance.

Microinsurance Product Types in India

This Note analyses the characteristics and uniqueness of the different microinsurance types with their effectiveness in delivering insurance services to the bottom of the pyramid.

Trends of Microinsurance in India

This note highlights the trends of MFIs in India. Though India has experimented a lot with microinsurance, the sector is still driven by supply-led interventions

Understanding the demand for financial products among the female youth of Central Java

MicroSave has conducted an exploratory market research to understand the needs of the youth for financial products required to increase employability. This report presents the findings.