Premasis Mukherjee

Premasis Mukherjee is currently working as an Independent Banking Consultant. He advises banks and financial institutions on digital finance and payments strategy.

Premasis Mukherjee worked as a Group Leader and Senior Manager at MSC. He led the Research and Social Security and Insurance practice of the company. He helps financial institutions across Asia and Africa in innovation and User-Centric design of products, processes, business models and strategic plans. He is a technical lead in Digital Finance, Behavioral Economics, Inclusive Finance, Social Security and Pensions, and Supply Chain Finance. After leaving MSC, he has also worked with the International Finance Corporation.

Posts by Premasis Mukherjee

Examining Remittances Through A Behavioural Lens

Migrant workers, are unique client segment that interests financial service providers- specifically the digital financial service providers. This Note examines decision making context and behavioural aspects of the migrant workers.

Examining Micro Credit through the Behavioural Lens

This Note explores the behavioural explanations that govern design intricacies of microcredit and also the anomalies in the business model.

Behavioural Economics and User Centred Design – Opening up New Vistas in Research Processes

This Note is a high-level peek into behavioural research method that MSC’s MI4ID approach uses to understand customers financial behaviour.

Insurance Product for Contractual MSE Workers of India – Behavioural Insights

This note details the behavioural research process and, culminates into conceptualisation of a low fidelity product concept designed using user centred design approaches.

Insurance for Contractual Workers of Micro and Small Enterprises in India – A Conscience Call

In terms of access to formal risk protection measures, contractual workers employed at MSEs in India this note creates background for the next note of this series.

Behavioural Insights in Insurance

This note takes an alternative view from the conventional wisdom of expected utility and optimum deductible in insurance. It highlights explanations for insurance purchase and use decisions through behavioural economics.

Government subsidy in microinsurance: A necessary trend?

Here the author gives a primer into government subsidy insurance programmes of various kinds, targeted at the lower income people. And questions if it is instrumental for microinsurance growth?

Mor Committee report – Is there a take away for insurance industry?

The Mor Committee report touches upon two important milestones that can impact the insurance and microinsurance sector in India. Our insurance expert, Premasis Mukherjee, explains how.