Lisa Chassin

Lisa is currently working as a Partner at PHB Development; Digital Financial Inclusion Consultant. PHB Development is a specialist consulting firm committed to increasing financial inclusion for underserved markets in developing countries.

Lisa worked as a financial inclusion professional and former management consultant with MSC from July 2013 to July 2015.  She is experienced in providing technical assistance to financial institutions, regulatory bodies, and donors across Asia, and African region. Apart from technical assistance skills, she is expert in project management and business development. She has supported MicroSave’s research activities by authoring publications and notes, contributed to marketing activities and digital media dialogues (blogs, discussion, forums etc.).

Posts by Lisa Chassin

Insurance Product for Contractual MSE Workers of India – Behavioural Insights

This note details the behavioural research process and, culminates into conceptualisation of a low fidelity product concept designed using user centred design approaches.

Insurance for Contractual Workers of Micro and Small Enterprises in India – A Conscience Call

In terms of access to formal risk protection measures, contractual workers employed at MSEs in India this note creates background for the next note of this series.

Behavioural Insights in Insurance

This note takes an alternative view from the conventional wisdom of expected utility and optimum deductible in insurance. It highlights explanations for insurance purchase and use decisions through behavioural economics.

Index-based Microinsurance for Disaster Risk Reduction

Index insurance has emerged as a disaster management tool for the poor because of its effectiveness in assisting poor people to deal with catastrophes. Focusing on the benefits of Weather based index insurance, MSC’s Microinsurance expert, Sunil Bhat, talks about the features and scope of weather based index insurance and how it helps the poor […]