Trevor Mugwang

Trevor is an Independent Consultant in SME Finance, Microfinance and Financial Institution Risk Management. He doubles as an Investment Manager, Africa, for Frankfurt School Financial Services GmbH.

Trevor worked as a Banking and Microfinance Specialist, and later as a Director at MSC, in Nairobi. He has over 20 years of experience in financial services focused on providing technical assistance in strategic planning and management, financial management, financial institution risk management, financial product development MSME credit delivery systems, operational process optimization and re-engineering, development of policies and procedures and training.

Posts by Trevor Mugwang

Breaking the Barriers: Market Expansion through Individual Lending

This Note discusses the benefits of IL, the target clientele and challenges MFIs need to consider in developing the product.

Product features of Micro and Small Enterprises Lending (2/2)

This note discusses the 7 of the 8Ps of Marketing – Price, Positioning, Process, Promotion, People, Place and Physical evidence. The Note describes that the total cost of Individual Lending.

Product Features of Micro and Small Enterprises Lending (1/2)

Many MFI’s have started to introduce individual loan as one of their product offerings. This note attempts to highlight the key product features which an MFI must focus on.

Managing Micro and Small Enterprises Lending

The note discusses the prevalence of group lending methodology which has been in existence for quite some time now.

Micro and Small Enterprises Lending for MFIs -Strategic Issues to Consider First

This note highlights the importance of strategic issues that need to be on the top priority an MFI venturing into the business of individual lending.

Lessons from MicroSave’s Action Research Programme (2006)

This note documents the progress made under the Action Research programme of MicroSave during 2006.

Institutionalising Risk Management for MFIs – Framework and Challenges 

This note is based on MicroSave’s experience in developing risk management policies within its Action Research Partners (ARPs). It underlines a number of aspects that institutions seeking to adopt.

Developing Cash Flow Based Micro and Small Enterprises Business Loans- The Experience of Equity Bank with Biashara Imara

This note highlights key lessons from the experience of MicroSave’s partner Equity Bank, in designing, testing and rolling out a cash flow based individual business loan product.