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Lessons from MicroSave’s Action Research Programme (2006)

This note documents the progress made under the Action Research programme of MicroSave during 2006.

Do Microfinance Institutions Really Need to Worry About Their Brand?

This paper documents experiences of MicroSave’s Action Research Partners (ARPs) in strategically building a corporate brand to reach more clients, increase profitability and become more market-led.

Human Resource Management for Growing MFIs

This note provides examples of human resource issues to consider during growth phase of microfinance institutions.

Lessons from MicroSave’s Action Research Programme (2005)

This note documents the lessons learned in 2005 under the Action Research Programme of MicroSave. Focusing on strategy, the note discusses strategic alignment.

Lessons from MicroSave’s Action Research Programme (2004)

Under its Action Research Programme, MicroSave learns and disseminates lessons relating to market-led microfinance. This note documents lessons learned during 2004.

Employee Relationship Marketing

Employee Relationship Marketing (ERM) is the process of creating, maintaining and enhancing strong, value-laden relationships with staff. This note focuses on various facets of ERM.

Beyond the Classroom: MicroSave’s Training Philosophy and Strategy 

This note discusses MicroSave’s training philosophy and strategy, the process of developing toolkits, the focus of its trainings which is – transferring knowledge and skills.

Customer Service – Why It Is Important for MFIs

The note analyses the reasons for excellent customer services as a prime mandate for market led MFI, which include retaining customers, building through word-of-mouth business, competitive advantages, and working efficiently.