Aanchal Aggarwal


Aanchal is a Manager in MSC’s Digital Financial Services—Payments & Distribution domain.

Aanchal is an expert in digital financial services, payments, research, banking, and digital credit. Aanchal has previously worked with the National Payment Council of India (NPCI) and Grameen Foundation India (GFI). She has an MBA from the Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA).

Posts by Aanchal Aggarwal

They deliver, they survive, and finally, they BELONG – Blue-collar workers in India are now “Entitled” to what they deserve for their services

India has more than 250 million blue-collared employees with an immediate need for essential benefits. Entitled works with employers to strengthen their financial health by designing bundled financial products, such as credit and insurance, for the well-being of blue-collared workers. Solid financial health will give blue-collared workers a blanket during financial shocks. Entitled is gradually developing innovative delivery channels and products to make the user onboarding experience comfortable.