Ghiyazuddin Mohammad

Ghiyazuddin Mohammad is a Senior Policy Manager- Digital Financial Services at Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI),Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Ghiyazuddin A. Mohamma worked as a Manager in MicroSave’s Digital Financial Services (DFS) domain with more than seven years of experience in digital financial services (DFS), microfinance and advisory services. He has worked in various projects with banks, mobile network operators (MNOs), government institutions, agent network managers, MFIs and community-owned financial institutions in India, Nepal, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Currently, he is based in Indonesia with a special focus on financial inclusion/DFS related initiatives. His area of expertise includes DFS strategy, G2P payments, market research, concept testing, product development, costing and pricing of financial products, field assessments, and monitoring and control systems.

Posts by Ghiyazuddin Mohammad

Agent Network Accelerator Survey – Indonesia Country Report 2015

Digital finance services (DFS) was launched several years ago in Indonesia but has not scaled without agent networks. Recent regulation in 2014, begins to pave the way for different players to build their networks and could be an exciting catalyst for the country, but players must approach this complex task methodically and strategically which does not yet seem to be happening for the most part.

Branchless Banking Regulatory Environment in Indonesia

Ghiyazuddin A. Mohammad, Manager – Digital Financial Services at MSC, talks about the changing regulatory environment for digital financial services (DFS) / branchless banking in Indonesia.

Lessons from informal financial systems: Indonesian perspective

This blog focuses on the role of informal institutions in providing financial services to the members of the community and concludes the opportunities these present for formal financial service providers.

Draft branchless banking regulations in Indonesia – A review

This note provides an analysis of the draft regulations of branchless banking based on MicroSave’s experience of working in Indonesia and other geographies.

Building and sustaining agent networks – Evidence from Indonesia

This blog presents the insights to deployments in Indonesia to design, build and implement well- functioning agent networks for delivery of formal financial services to unbanked and under-banked Indonesians.

Access to Credit Post Microfinance Crisis

This Policy Brief draws a comparison between how access to credit for the MFI clients changed in these two states post AP crisis, and its impact on the MFI clients.

Access to credit in Andhra Pradesh post microfinance crisis

A study conducted by MicroSave in Andhra Pradesh in 2011 highlighted the importance of MFIs as a source of accessible micro-credit for the low-income segment.

Making the Business Correspondent (BC) model work for Self-Help Groups (SHGs)

This case study highlights the SHG-BC model, how the model can be further improved, and factors that contributed to the success of the model.