Ghiyazuddin Mohammad

Ghiyazuddin Mohammad is a Senior Policy Manager- Digital Financial Services at Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI),Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Ghiyazuddin A. Mohamma worked as a Manager in MicroSave’s Digital Financial Services (DFS) domain with more than seven years of experience in digital financial services (DFS), microfinance and advisory services. He has worked in various projects with banks, mobile network operators (MNOs), government institutions, agent network managers, MFIs and community-owned financial institutions in India, Nepal, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Currently, he is based in Indonesia with a special focus on financial inclusion/DFS related initiatives. His area of expertise includes DFS strategy, G2P payments, market research, concept testing, product development, costing and pricing of financial products, field assessments, and monitoring and control systems.

Posts by Ghiyazuddin Mohammad

Understanding remittance networks in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh

This research explores the various remittance options currently available to Indian migrant workers in Punjab and recipient families in rural Uttar Pradesh. It also examines the benefits a business correspondent (BC) remittance service may provide to both.