Karishma Pradhan


Karishma Pradhan is an associate in MSC’s Payments and Distributions domain.

With an overall experience of over a year, Karishma Pradhan previously worked as a consultant with the Council on Energy, Environment and Water. Her areas of expertise include market research, programme design and evaluation, and policy analysis. Her experience lies in financial inclusion, energy access and renewable energy. She has worked on projects commissioned by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and Sustainable Energy for all (SE4ALL). All her experience is in India.

Posts by Karishma Pradhan

Why should salaries be monthly when expenses are daily? Welcome, FlexiSalary!

Almost 80% of India’s salaried population lives paycheck to paycheck. Many stay trapped in a debt cycle where they borrow to meet their expenses and repay the lender on payday. Flexi Salary’s “Instant Salary” system pays employees each workday, thus eliminating the need to borrow.

PayAgri: Transforming the lives of small and marginal farmers

This blog looks at an agtech that works toward finding lucrative markets for the most challenging sub-segment within the low- and moderate-income segments—small and marginal farmers (SMF). We look at the agtech’s journey and the impact of COVID-19 on its work.

GUVI: Bridging the language divide in learning technical skills

This blog tells about an Edutech that is bridging the gap between skills and job readiness of India’s IT graduates from remote towns. The story also uncovers how GUVI has been navigating successfully through the COVID-19 crisis.