Maansi Sharda


Maansi is a Manager in MSC’s Digital Financial Services (DFS)-Banking and Product development domain.

Maansi is a financial inclusion (FI) and technology solutions consultant with over six and half years of experience gained through projects with banks, payment banks, agent network organisations, technology giants, retail organizations issuing mobile payments and DFS partners in India, Nepal and Nigeria. Her areas of expertise include market research, mobile payments, financial inclusion solutions, ICT based products designing, implementations and financial sector development. She specialises in due diligence of banks interested in financial inclusion, strategic business planning and technical design assistance.

Posts by Maansi Sharda

How digital payments drive financial inclusion in India: Abridged report

India’s digital payments landscape has transformed dramatically over the past five years. This report, published in collaboration with the National Payments Corporation of India, provides a detailed outlook on India’s journey of digital payments, factors affecting the adoption of digital payments among the LMI segment, and products that have revolutionized the space.

How digital payments drive financial inclusion in India

Digital payments in India have grown phenomenally in the past decade. This report highlights how digital payments in the country grew and charts the path ahead. We look at the journey of digital payments in India, major events and entities that contributed to it, and products that revolutionized the digital payments space. We also identify barriers to the digital payments sector and analyze the future of digital financial inclusion through payments for the low- and moderate-income segments in India.

Fello: Follow this team to know about a game-based approach to savings and investments for the LMI segment

Fello is a digital savings and investments platform that provides low- and middle-income (LMI) segments in India with access to formal savings. It promotes the uptake of formal financial services and builds a regular savings habit within the community. This blog explores Fello’s journey and the positive impact it hopes to create within LMI segments.

Numer8: From space to sea, solving for fisherfolk—numerically

The seafood supply chain in India is highly disintegrated, complex, and non-reliable. Consequently, fisherfolk face a range of issues that affect their livelihood. This blog highlights the journey of Numer8, a data science-focused startup that helps fisherfolk defend against climate change and build a resilient yet profitable seafood business for themselves.

Credochain: Lending solutions for a new India

Micro, small, and medium enterprise (MSME) borrowers and commercial lenders in India struggle with a steadily widening credit gap. This blog highlights the journey of a FinTech startup, Credochain, which assesses micro and nano enterprises for faster and better credit decision-making by capturing and analyzing their underlying business transactions and cash flows, among other parameters. In this blog, you will discover how Credochain has been building cluster-specific credit underwriting models for unserved or underserved businesses.

GUVI: Bridging the language divide in learning technical skills

This blog tells about an Edutech that is bridging the gap between skills and job readiness of India’s IT graduates from remote towns. The story also uncovers how GUVI has been navigating successfully through the COVID-19 crisis.

Bridge2Capital: Instant supplier credit in three clicks

This blog highlights the journey of Xtracap, a fintech start-up that provides extended credit to low- and middle-income merchants in India towards their daily working capital needs through its flagship technology platform—Bridge2Capital.