Manoj Sharma


Manoj Kumar Sharma is a Director at MSC. He is a development and inclusive finance expert with over 28 years of experience.

Manoj has worked in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Lao PDR, Nepal, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Sweden, and Vietnam. Manoj oversees the Institutional Development & Support; Digital Transformation, FinTech-related initiatives, Value Chains Financing & Development; SME; Environment Financing and Capital Advisory Services Practice Groups at MSC. He leads downscaling projects for commercial banks, developing sustainable savings products for small entrepreneurs and clients, and building institutional capacity of MFIs. Manoj played a key role in mainstreaming loan portfolio audits in MFIs as a tool for banks to assess lending and investment decisions. He led the preparation of an organizational development toolkit for financial institutions and a business lending toolkit. He has played a leading role in MSC’s digital financial services domain, supporting strategy development and agent network management for a variety of banks in India, the Philippines, and Papua New Guinea. His areas of interest include assistance to start-up microfinance institutions, product development, market research, and urban microfinance. Prior to joining MSC, Manoj was an Assistant General Manager at the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI). During his time at SIDBI, Manoj was a part of the SME financing team, which negotiated a USD-225-million private sector support assistance package with the World Bank (lead investor), DFID, KfW, and GTZ. Manoj was responsible for managing the fund and a USD-22-million technical assistance to design and implement the program in clusters. He also worked extensively to design and implement programs to promote micro-enterprises and create livelihood opportunities in rural areas. The program was underway in more than 65 locations and has promoted more than 17,500 enterprises. Manoj has a Master’s of Science in Environment degree from Sikkim Manipal University, India. He is fluent in English and Hindi.

Posts by Manoj Sharma

Digital Financial Services for the Under-Banked

In this presentation he draws upon the global best practices and focuses on business model alternatives, and builds a case for making a thought through selection of the business model including the front end technology while always keeping the clients’ need at the centre of the business.

MSME Financing: An opportunity for banks and MFIs

In this video, Manoj K Sharma, Director, MicroSave presents the business case and market opportunities for the banks and financial institutions to focus on the underserved MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) markets. He highlights on the level of exclusion of MSMEs in terms of access to finance and compares it to large enterprises and […]

Behind the Big Numbers: Improving the Reach and Quality of Agent Networks in India

MicroSave PB #9 describes the true reach and quality of India’s BC networks, the design features of successful agent networks, and policy and regulatory interventions in poor communities across India.

Agricultural finance for sustainable development, expanding agricultural market opportunities & promotion of disadvantaged small farmers and MSMEs

This paper analyses the role of financing in the sustainable development of agriculture with a focus on disadvantaged farmers and MSMEs. Apart from agriculture finance, which is touched upon, this paper focusses on agriculture value chain finance and its benefits for smallholders as also for MSMEs.

Is the Business Correspondent Model in Policy Paralysis?

This Policy Brief examines the recent shift in policy direction for the business correspondent model in India and the associated challenges and potential consequences from a consumer standpoint.

Remittances through M-Banking Customer Perspectives: Observations from India

Mr Manoj Sharma, Director, MicroSave, presented the findings of the research conducted on major remittance corridors in India – Bihar/UP – Punjab, Orissa/Bihar – Gujrat, at a workshop conducted by Axis Bank and Asian Development Bank in Mumbai.

Why E/M-Banking Will Soon Reach Scale in India (An Optimistic View)

India has a huge opportunity to leverage the potential of e/m-banking and build a cash-light economy. This paper assesses whether e/m-banking will reach sustainable scale in India.

Microfinance in India – Is Business Correspondent the Way Forward?

This Note explores the shape and direction of the future of microfinance sector in India and proposes a model where MFIs act as agents of banks.