Mukul Singh

Mukul Singh is the Assistant Vice President at Credit Suisse, Pune. He leads regulatory projects relevant for risk data aggregation, reporting, and governance.

Mukul Singh is the Assistant Vice President at Credit Suisse in Pune, Maharashtra. He worked as a Senior Analyst in the Risk Management and Banking Strategy domain at MSC. Mukul has over 12 years of experience in risk regulatory reporting, market risk, and operational risk across various sectors, such as investment banking, IT consulting, and strategy consulting.

Posts by Mukul Singh

Dairy Value Chain Financing Opportunities

This podcast focuses on Dairy value chain and shares why it’s not only attractive to financing institutions but is highly endorsed to improve rural economy and aid food security. Speaking to MSC on the benefits and features of dairy value chain models, Value Chain expert, Mukul Singh, talks about the participants/aggregators involved in a typical […]

Role of information sources in financial capability

The key to understanding poor people’s financial management is to understand how they make decisions and what influences the decision making. This research explores the role of information sources in poor households’ decision making processes.

Can money buy you happiness?

This report investigates how low income working age respondents think of old age and how they prepare for it. While many know that they can no longer rely on the extended family, few are able to prioritize old age provisioning.

Assessing Agent Profitability: MicroSave’s Agent Journal Studies

Profitability of the agents is at the foundation of a successful agent network. This PB discusses the drivers of agent profitability, categories of agents and reasons for lack of profitability.

Understanding remittance networks in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh

This research explores the various remittance options currently available to Indian migrant workers in Punjab and recipient families in rural Uttar Pradesh. It also examines the benefits a business correspondent (BC) remittance service may provide to both.

Nascent Indian MFIs and their Fund Raising Challenges

This Focus Note attempts to provide insights into the different sources of capital available to nascent MFIs in India and how an MFI might improve its ability to attract such capital