Abhishek Lahri

Abhishek is the Public Policy Manager for Facebook. He leads the FinTech, Emerging Tech, and Payments Public Policy Initiatives for India and South Asia.

Abhishek is a Public Policy and Fintech professional with more than 12 years of experience in digital inclusion, emerging tech, payment systems, FinTechs, MSMEs, microfinance, and gender-based finance with stints spanning India, Uganda, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Bangladesh, and the UAE. He has worked as a Senior Analyst in financial inclusion and digital finance for MSC from May 2010 to September 2013.

Posts by Abhishek Lahri

Public Relations Policy in MFIs – A “Nice To Have” or Necessity?

This Note highlights the increasing importance of public relations (PR) policies, and need for a structured approach to handle PR for a microfinance institution (MFI).

Graduating SBI Tatkal Customers

This Note discusses when and why customers may be ready to try new services beyond the entry Tatkal product.

“SBI Tatkal” – From Cash to Cash Cow

This note share an insight on Tatkal. This direct deposit product was launched in August 2010 by Eko, providing technology for m-banking and agent based financial inclusion services.

Relative risk to the savings of the poor in Rajasthan

In order to understand how poor people save and the relative risks involved, MicroSave conducted a study in three different Indian states – Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu this past year. This paper highlights learning from Rajasthan.