Charvi Gandotra

Charvi is currently working as a Summer Associate at Encourage Capital New York, USA. Encourage capital an asset management firm focused on profitable and strategic investments to solve critical social and environmental problems.

Charvi worked as a financial inclusion professional and former management consultant with MSC from April 2016 to Sep 2018.  She is experienced in providing technical assistance to financial institutions, regulatory bodies, and donors across India, South Asia, and Pacific region to design enabling ecosystems for access to credit and savings products for low-income segments, particularly MSMEs. Since leaving MSC, Charvi has worked at McKinsey, MIX  and is currently working for Encourage Capital.  

Posts by Charvi Gandotra

Why do so Few Fintechs Focus on the Mass Market?

The blog highlights why do so Few Fintechs Focus on the Mass Market?

Fintech Study to Model a Financial Inclusion Lab

The current landscape suggests a growing influence of fintechs in India. However, growth and investments have primarily confined in the payments and credit domains, and in a few metro cities.

Study on adoption of cashlite among MFIs in India

MicroSave, with support from MFIN, conducted this study to capture the experience of cash-lite/cashless models adopted by MFIs in India. The report identifies ways to accelerate the adoption of cash-lite models.