Himmat Patel

Himmat Patel is a Consultant at World Bank Group, New Delhi, India.

Himmat Patel worked as a Senior Manager with MSC from Sep 2016 to April 2017. Since leaving MSC he also worked with Yongqi Consultants and is currently working with World Bank Group.

Posts by Himmat Patel

Whrrl: A blockchain based disruptive financing model for agricultural practices

Whrrl is a start-up that helps small and marginal farmers, traders, and producer companies raise working capital through warehouse receipt financing. It uses blockchain technology to create an immutable record of the collateral, which reduces the risk of fraud in the lending process and helps farmers secure loans at lower interest rates.

Leveraging Technology for Meaningful Financial Inclusion in Asia

The study is based on extensive secondary research and stakeholder interviews with fintechs and FSPs across six markets – Bangladesh, China, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, and Vietnam.