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High-Hanging Fruit and Easy Catch—Merchants who need additional “hooks” and hand-holding

This is the third blog of the “Digitizing merchant payments in India” series. In the first blog, we discussed the potential of merchant ecosystem in India and the need to design distinct solutions for them. In the second blog, we described the characteristics of the first two merchant personas—the go-getters and the receptive reticents. In this third blog, we discuss the remaining two personas of the merchant ecosystem: a) The high-hanging fruits and b) The easy-catch merchants.

Go-getters and receptive reticents—Merchants who have the instinct, but need support

This is the second blog in the series on “Digitizing merchant payments in India”. The first blog discusses the potential of merchant ecosystem in India and the need to design distinct solutions for different merchants. In this blog, we will discuss two merchant personas: a) The go-getters and b) The receptive reticents.

“Cookie-cutter” solutions for merchants will not work

This series of blogs highlight that providers cannot promote merchant payments through standard “cookie-cutter” solutions. What works for one category of merchants may not work for the other category. We need to look at merchants as distinct personas to decipher their characteristics and explore ways to change their behavior.

The Potential for Technology-backed Remittance Solutions in Malaysia

The blog explores the potential for technology-backed remittance solutions in Malaysia.

Country Focus Note: China

China has made significant progress towards financial inclusion in the recent past, owing to conducive regulations, innovation, and strengthening of the banking sector.

Leveraging Technology for Meaningful Financial Inclusion in Asia

The study is based on extensive secondary research and stakeholder interviews with fintechs and FSPs across six markets – Bangladesh, China, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, and Vietnam.

Open Application Programming Interfaces (API): Purpose and Possibilities

Going by the global experience, a set of open, well-documented Application Programming Interface or APIs provide enormous benefits to providers and clients. They also help improve customer experience.

Agent Dormancy: Reasons and Remedial Measures

Dormancy among agents is a cause of concern for financial inclusion in India. This note focuses on some of the prominent reasons for agent dormancy.