Nitish Narain


Nitish is a Senior Manager in the Inclusive Finance and Banking domain of MSC India.

Nitish is a financial inclusion consultant with extensive experience gained through projects with multi-lateral agencies, central banks, banks and financial institutions, microfinance institutions, remittance companies, community-owned organizations, and digital financial service providers in Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Myanmar, Qatar, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.  Before joining MSC, he was an Area Manager at SKS Microfinance Ltd. and was responsible for the management of a microfinance loan portfolio of around USD 10 million spread across 58,000 clients.

Posts by Nitish Narain

Training E/M-Banking Agents: What is Missing?

This Note briefly discusses the reasons for negative feedback received often on agent training, the profiles of the agents, and new areas to be considered in agent training programmes.

Integration and interoperability of financial services – Good for the poor, great for banks and governments

There has been a growing debate on whether greater integration and interoperability of banking and other financial services provided through the ANMs/BCNMs is a prerequisite for greater acceptance and adoption of the BC model by the consumers. MicroSave conducted a comprehensive research study on the need for integration and interoperability of financial services for the […]

Governance in Member Owned Institutions – Community Microfinance

This note address that strong governance in member owned institutions (MOIs) give members and investors confidence and are necessary foundation for successful community-based organisations.

Review of MMT Payments to Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs) in Sheikhpura, Bihar

Accredited Social Health Activist or ASHAs generally face problems such as untimely payments, uncertainty in disbursement date, cheque clearance delay, and long waiting time at the bank branch. The Norway India Partnership Initiative has initiated a pilot project to improve the timeliness of payments to ASHA worker’s incentives in Sheikhpura district of Bihar using a mobile money transfer system.

Designing and implementing agent networks

This paper consolidates the views of different stakeholders involved in e/m-banking on the aspects related to ‘Agent Network Management’ – a critical piece of the puzzle that many have ignored, unfortunately, at their peril.