Tenzin Varma

Tenzin Varma is an Assistant Manager in the Digital Financial Services domain of MSC India, focused in Payments and Distribution. He has three years of experience in strategic-security partnerships, cooperative trade agreements, policy reform and designing inclusive trade agreements; especially across North Eastern India.

He has four years of experience with international cooperation agencies, microfinance institutions, indigenous and ethnic groups, and border communities in India. He has also worked with banks, FinTechs, regulators, private research organizations and national authorities on creating microcredit products and repayment strategies, designing channel support mechanisms and modes for access to financial services, development of analytical frameworks, product assessment and market-fit assessment, risk analysis and strategic planning.

Posts by Tenzin Varma

Entitled: A synonym for empowerment of blue-collar workers through customized financial services

Entitled is a startup that works to build a one-stop platform for the financial needs of blue-collar employees in India. With an engine that recommends the right financial product starting from credit and insurance to savings, Entitled handholds customers to achieve their financial goals. The company’s efforts have resulted in a positive impact on its early customers. Read its success story here.

The disruptors get disrupted: Indian FinTechs during COVID-19

This blog, based on MSC’s three-phase study, explores the impact of COVID-19 on Indian FinTechs and various strategies that helped them survive and recover. It further provides recommendations for regulators and accelerators to support FinTechs holistically and sustainably.

Impact of COVID-19 on FinTechs: India

This report delves deep into the innovative strategies FinTechs used to overcome the pandemic, measures taken by the government and regulators to enable ecosystem players, and the support FinTechs received from investors and accelerators. It also explores the change in behavior and adoption of digitized products by Indian customers.