Anant Jayant Natu

Anant is currently working with MSC as Senior Specialist in the Government and Social Impact (GSI) domain.

Anant is currently working with MSC as Senior Specialist under Digital Financial Services - Government and Social Impact. Previously he was working as a Banking Consultant for IFC's FIG-Advisory. He had also led the Central Operations at Arohan as its head and built and led a team of over 60 people across four work-streams.  He has over 14 years of diversified experience in the financial services industry across Operations and Consulting, with expertise in team building, project execution, formulating strategy, building partnerships, and developing products and channels.

Posts by Anant Jayant Natu

Bridging the Credit gap for MSMEs: Gaps in access and solutions to bridge the gap

The report focuses on gaps in access to credit for MSMEs in India and presents supply-side solutions to bridge this gap.

Financing WASH: Key Considerations for MFIs

This Note explores some key strategic issues that determine the potential for a WASH finance portfolio including ecological factors, public good nature, infrastructure, capital and collaborations with WASH product/service.

Product Development: Reasons why MFIs Fail to Focus on It

In this video MSC expert Anant Jayant Natu talks about the inherent constraints in the operational context of microfinance institutions (MFI) that limit the possibility of a rigorous focus on product development. He also touches upon some factors that can drive the product development process in spite of these constraints. The intangible nature of financial […]

The Collection Methodologies in Group Lending

This Note compares the three most commonly practiced instalment collection methods in group lending and concludes that MFIs will have to devise ways to ensure continuity in their interface with clients.

Characteristics of Mumbai Microfinance Market

This Note analyses the way poor entrepreneurs in Mumbai currently finance their businesses, and the options and opportunities for MFIs in Mumbai.

Market Strategy Development and 3rd Generation Microfinance in India

This note focusses on the need for an emergence of the third generation (3G) of MFIs that make a “tectonic shift” to the “client-centric” approach.