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Micro and Small Enterprises Lending for MFIs -Strategic Issues to Consider First

This note highlights the importance of strategic issues that need to be on the top priority an MFI venturing into the business of individual lending.

Review of savings options for MFIs in India

This paper provides information on the savings products available in India and provides a review of the different options by comparative analysis and by listing out the pros and cons of each.

Potential for E-/M-Banking Enabled Migrant Remittances

This note analyses whether remittance recipients in rural areas have access to, and the ability to use, mobile phones for this purpose.

Migrant Remittances – An Untapped Market

This note analyses the demand side, analysing the four basic types of migrants and three types of recipients, their livelihoods and their remittance behaviour.

MFIs as Business Correspondents – To Be or Not to Be?

This IFN examines the viability of the business correspondents model for MFIs, based on field experiences in India.