Puneet Chopra


Puneet Chopra heads the Banking and Product Development, Agriculture and Allied Services, and Private Sector Development Domain at MSC.

He is an expert in business planning, strategy and operations, consumer research, product development, and innovation. Puneet specializes in distribution channels, marketing, process re-engineering, and project and program management. With a career spanning over two decades, he has diverse experience in various roles and capacities across banking, financial services, insurance, telecommunications, information technology, media, entertainment, and transportation industries.

Posts by Puneet Chopra

Is the Business Correspondent Model in Policy Paralysis?

This Policy Brief examines the recent shift in policy direction for the business correspondent model in India and the associated challenges and potential consequences from a consumer standpoint.

Integration and interoperability of financial services – Good for the poor, great for banks and governments

There has been a growing debate on whether greater integration and interoperability of banking and other financial services provided through the ANMs/BCNMs is a prerequisite for greater acceptance and adoption of the BC model by the consumers. MicroSave conducted a comprehensive research study on the need for integration and interoperability of financial services for the […]

Taking Financial Inclusion to the Next Level

This note focuses on Banks and BCs, under the policy and regulatory directions, and supervision of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the Ministry of Finance (MoF) are making concerted efforts towards financial inclusion

Electronic and Mobile Banking in India: Gearing-up for Growth

This Policy Note discusses many announcements on policies and guidelines that have accelerated the pace of reforms around financial inclusion over the last 6 months.

Remittances: The Evolving Competitive Environment

This Policy Brief examines the various facets of remittance product offerings, highlights some important aspects and issues around the different remittance models.

Why E/M-Banking Will Soon Reach Scale in India (An Optimistic View)

India has a huge opportunity to leverage the potential of e/m-banking and build a cash-light economy. This paper assesses whether e/m-banking will reach sustainable scale in India.

Driving Viability for Banks and BCs

This Note examines various enabling factors that can accelerate profitability for the banks and viability and sustainability for the BCs.

Financial Inclusion Through Digital Financial Services

It is essential to develop a robust and effective strategy from the outset. There may always be an opportunity to correct the strategy later, but that could come at a great cost and pain.