Shweta Menon


Shweta is a Manager in MSC’s Digital Financial Services – Payments & Distribution domain. She has over five years of working experience gained through projects with financial technology companies, business correspondent network managers, government and quasi-government institutions, multi-lateral development organizations, banks, payment system providers, and social enterprises in India, Bangladesh, and Vietnam.

Within MSC, Shweta has worked on projects commissioned by BMGF, JP Morgan, the World Bank Group (IFC), Rabo Foundation, MetLife Foundation, and the Centre for Global Development among others. Her areas of expertise include strategy and product development, fintech support, pilot testing, monitoring and evaluation, financial capability and content development, customer experience mapping, user-interface evaluation, market research, and marketing and communications strategy.

Posts by Shweta Menon

Agtechs and financial institutions: Financing farmers in India

This blog, the third and final piece in this series, focuses on partnerships between AgTechs and financial institutions to improve access to finance for farmers. It also offers recommendations to improve the AgTech ecosystem in India.

Why do financial institutions shy away from financing farmers in India?

This blog, the first in a three-part series, highlights the skewed penetration of formal financing for farmers in India. It also examines the challenges that financial institutions face while offering credit to small and marginal farmers in the country.

The role of tech-enabled formal financing in agriculture in India

India is home to 146 million farmers, 86% of which are small and marginal farmers. Although agriculture is a key economic activity in India and employs almost 55% of the population, access to finance remains a challenge for most farmers, especially the small and marginal ones.

GramCover: Accessible & affordable insurance

Gramcover, a digital insurance platform, works to provide affordable insurance solutions to the low- and middle-income segments in India. Their technology-led distribution and servicing model reduces the inefficiencies and transaction costs involved in purchasing insurance policies.

Finlok: Save together digitally

Finlok is a financial platform that helps people save money and avail hassle-free credit through a group savings-based financial model. This blog explores how the platform will help the low- and middle-income segments gain greater control over their finances.

Inclusive FinTechs Quadrant

MicroSave Consulting (MSC) partnered with Burnmark to conceptualize the Inclusive Fintechs Quadrant report. The report highlights 30 of the top global fintechs that are working towards financial inclusion.

Fintech Study to Model a Financial Inclusion Lab

The current landscape suggests a growing influence of fintechs in India. However, growth and investments have primarily confined in the payments and credit domains, and in a few metro cities.

Is ‘Cashless’ the Road Ahead towards Digital India?

This case-study will provide you a sneak-peek to the journey of the creation of the first “cashless” panchayat in Odisha.