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Product Marketing Strategies for E/M-Banking (4/5)

This Note focuses on explaining the importance of product marketing strategy for e/m-banking service providers.

Role of Branding to Promote E/M-Banking Products & Services (3/5)

This Note discusses the first element of MicroSave’s Strategic Marketing Framework, i.e., “Corporate Brand Strategy” as applied to e/m-banking context.

Top Marketing Challenges for E/M-Banking (2/5)

This Note attempts to summarise the key challenges that the e/m-banking service providers face while promoting their services and also covers potential, actionable steps that could address the challenges.

Marketing E/M-Banking More Deliberately and Strategically (1/5)

The Note is the first of a series of technical briefs focused on strategic marketing for mobile money. This Note, highlights the need for marketing e/m-banking services.

Exploring reasons for dormancy in no frills savings accounts in Tamil Nadu

This research aims to understand the reasons for widespread dormancy in No Frills Accounts opened through various service providers like public and private sector banks, RRBs and business correspondents.

Relative risk to the savings of the poor in Tamil Nadu

In order to understand how poor people save and the relative risks involved, MicroSave conducted a study in three different Indian states – Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu this past year. This paper focuses on Tamil Nadu.