Zeituna Mustafa

Assistant Manager

Zeituna is a Digital Financial Services Manager at Musoni Microfinance. She focuses on digital transformation strategy within Musoni.

Before joining Musoni, Zeituna worked as an Analyst with MSC, in the digital financial services domain. She provided in-country technical consultancy to digital finance providers. Zeituna has over five years of experience gained through projects with commercial banks and telecoms. Her countries of experience include Kenya, Ghana, Pakistan, Tanzania, Uganda, Sierra Leone, and Zambia.  Zeituna's areas of expertise include banking strategy and operational assessment, training and technical assistance to digital financial service providers, and research using human-centered design. She specializes in the digital finance strategic and operational aspects of financial institutions.

Posts by Zeituna Mustafa

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Equity Bank’s introduction of the thin SIM under the Equitel brand is an important development for the Kenyan financial market as it brings customers more choice in terms of providers, and will hopefully push product innovation further in a market that has had trouble evolving beyond payments.  We believe that to really make digital finance […]