Anil Gupta


Anil Gupta is a Partner at MSC and heads the Digital Financial Services—Payments and Distribution domain.

Anil is a hands-on development banker and technology manager with over two decades of experience. He has worked on projects with development banks, commercial banks, international funding agencies, MFIs, community-based institutions, rural infrastructure projects, and major telecommunication players in India, China, and USA. His areas of expertise include management of large and complex projects, program design and evaluation, microfinance, agriculture, and non-farm sector finance, infrastructure finance, financial sector development, and payments systems—especially mobile wallets. Anil holds a Master’s degree in Management and Technology with a specialization in Strategy and Finance from various leading institutions like IIM-Bangalore and IIT- Kharagpur. He is fluent in English and Hindi.

Posts by Anil Gupta

Private Sector Engagement in Financial Inclusion

This presentation discusses financial inclusion needs across cycle of life and major constraints in reaching the poor. It also highlights key ingredients for success in financial inclusion.”

Offline Payment Acceptance: A Puzzle and an Opportunity

Reserve Bank of India estimates that 96% of all the retail transactions in India are conducted using cash, leaving only about 4% payments on cash-less/digital channels.

Open Application Programming Interfaces (API): Purpose and Possibilities

Going by the global experience, a set of open, well-documented Application Programming Interface or APIs provide enormous benefits to providers and clients. They also help improve customer experience.

Agent Dormancy: Reasons and Remedial Measures

Dormancy among agents is a cause of concern for financial inclusion in India. This note focuses on some of the prominent reasons for agent dormancy.

Agent Dormancy: Impact on Customers

Dormancy among agents is a cause of concern for financial inclusion in India. This note analyses the impact of agent dormancy on the financial behaviour of customers.

Payment Systems in India and Current Status: A Perspective

The blog examines how India is witnessing enormous change in the payment systems, disrupting the monopoly of physical/paper-based system by electronic ones.

Making Digital Financial Services Relevant – Part 3

The authors discuss design ideas and principles to make Digital Financial Services relevant for the mass markets.

Cooperation or Competition

This blog talks about a major upheaval in the Indian OTC market post the announcement of the payments bank licenses.