Sunil Bhat

Associate Partner

Sunil Bhat is an Associate Partner in MicroSave’s Digital Financial Services- Payments & Distribution Domain. He is a financial sector consultant with over eight years of experience in advising more than 40 financial institutions in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Malawi, Liberia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Sunil has an MBA from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies in Mumbai and a B.Tech from the National Institute of Technology in Calicut. His areas of expertise include risk management in DFS agent networks, process re-engineering, strategic business planning, financial analysis, microfinance, responsible finance, and agent network strengthening and product development.

Posts by Sunil Bhat

Poverty Measurement: Challenges and Benefits

This Note highlights the practical challenges in the use of poverty measurement tools, as well as the benefits of their use for MFIs.

Responsible Finance: Concepts and Challenges

This Note highlights the relationship between responsible finance, social performance management and client protection and discusses the opportunities and challenges for MFIs.

Health Emergencies: How Do The Poor Pay?

This Note details the ways low income families in India deal with their medical exigencies in the absence of quality public heath care facilities – through a variety of savings, loans and distress sales

The Collection Methodologies in Group Lending

This Note compares the three most commonly practiced instalment collection methods in group lending and concludes that MFIs will have to devise ways to ensure continuity in their interface with clients.

Characteristics of Mumbai Microfinance Market

This Note analyses the way poor entrepreneurs in Mumbai currently finance their businesses, and the options and opportunities for MFIs in Mumbai.

Consolidation of MFIs – Need and Challenges

The note outlines some of the challenges which the MFIs will have to undergo in case of consolidation.

Nascent Indian MFIs and their Fund Raising Challenges

This Focus Note attempts to provide insights into the different sources of capital available to nascent MFIs in India and how an MFI might improve its ability to attract such capital