Akhand Tiwari

Associate Partner

Akhand Jyoti Tiwari is Associate Partner at MSC. He leads behavioral research and design work in the organization and has worked in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Qatar, the Philippines, Lao PDR, Nepal, and Zambia. Akhand also spearheads MSC’s flagship approach to behavioral research and design for financial services—MI4ID.

Akhand’s area of expertise includes the application of design thinking and behavioral economics in the financial services domain. He has worked on microfinance, digital financial services (DFS), SME finance, customer research and customer segmentation, and user experience. His experience in program design covers multiple areas, such as financial capability, marketing, and communication. Akhand has worked with various financial service providers including MFIs, insurance companies, banks, agent network managers, telecom companies offering DFS, the Government of India, and central banks. Before joining MSC, he worked with the Centre for Micro Finance at IFMR, Chennai, India. Akhand holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Forest Management from the Indian Institute of Forest Management (IIFM) in Bhopal. He is fluent in Hindi and English and has a working knowledge of French.

Posts by Akhand Tiwari

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In this Briefing Note we discuss areas that we think were critical to the design of the financial education programme – the essential ingredients.

Financial inclusion and new product development — What should guide us?

It’s surprising how much people will tell us if we just listen better, observe more, and pause to think how we would respond in their situation. The author applies the same approach to financial inclusion and product development.

The Curious Case of Missing Agents in Rural India

This note highlights the survey conducted by MicroSave covering five districts of U.P and Bihar, to ascertain the real presence of CSPs and their activity levels.

Financial capability via listening and learning

What is the key to strengthening the financial capability of the poor people? Here the authors argue listening is the key based on their insights from the field.

What about exploring situations?

Understanding customers’ purchase decisions is at the core of the marketing challenge. Akhand Tiwari explores Clayton Christensen’s approach could be applied to choice of financial services.

Research with a roll of the dice

Gamification plays a crucial role in research, prominently for financial services research where respondents are hesitant around money questions. This blog accounts how games can help gauge right responses.

Nothing wrong calling financial education “Product marketing”

Financial education and product marketing alliance – Can it be the same thing? Find out the relationship between the two here.

Breaking Free from the Myths of Financial Education

This Note examines myths around the design of financial education programmes, and discusses the KSAP framework for designing these programmes.