Sharad Bangari


Sharad Bangari is a Senior Manager in MSC’s Digital Financial Services—Banking and Product Development domain. He is involved in the Private Sector Development practice group.

Sharad Bangari is a Manager in MSC’s Digital Financial Services—Banking and Product Development domain and is involved in the Private Sector Development practice group. He has seven years of experience in the development sector and is an expert in providing technical assistance in the areas of research, strategy, operations, and knowledge management. His primary focus is to support organizations that work for the poor and under-served classes to develop sustainable, scalable and effective systems, services, and products. He implemented projects involve business strategy development, sector studies, agriculture value chain assessment, market research, process re-engineering, internal audit and control, impact evaluation, customer service, channel innovation, knowledge product development, and training.  

Posts by Sharad Bangari

CICO agent training comic on Coronavirus

MSC’s comic booklets on COVID-19 are illustrated narratives that build awareness among CICO agents and their customers during the pandemic. These comics feature rich visual stories to generate awareness, influence precautionary behavior, and drive the safety of agents.

Jai Kisan: Farmer’s gateway to quality financial services

Jai Kisan is a lending platform that uses technology to provide credit solutions to farmers for equipment used in agriculture and allied activities. It has identified its niche in financing farming equipment (excluding tractors) because of the existing finance gap that exists in Indian markets. This blog walks us through the genesis, struggles, and victories of this start-up.

eNAM platform to digitize the marketing of agricultural produce in India

India’s eNAM platform enables trading of primary agricultural produce and connects markets through an online platform. MSC has been supporting the central and the provincial governments in the design, policy reforms, and implementation of the eNAM program. Many of the design improvements have been accepted and implemented. The cumulative volume of electronic trade on eNAM had crossed about INR 482 billion (USD 6.5 billion) by September, 2018.

A Qualitative Study of Producer Organisations in Select Geographies in India

The report brings out insights on PO forms, organisations, structures, management, governance, operations, business performance, earnings, needs, expectations, maturity levels and several other important aspects regarding farmer collectives.

What Interventions Small and Marginal Farmers Need?

Agriculture sector throughout the world is experiencing rapid technological advancements in its attempt to meet ever rising food requirement. Modern farming now requires use of sophisticated seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and mechanised instruments increasing the capital requirement in farming operations. As a result small hold farmers are often unable to upgrade their farming systems due to […]

Public Relations Policy in MFIs – A “Nice To Have” or Necessity?

This Note highlights the increasing importance of public relations (PR) policies, and need for a structured approach to handle PR for a microfinance institution (MFI).

Integration and interoperability of financial services – Good for the poor, great for banks and governments

There has been a growing debate on whether greater integration and interoperability of banking and other financial services provided through the ANMs/BCNMs is a prerequisite for greater acceptance and adoption of the BC model by the consumers. MicroSave conducted a comprehensive research study on the need for integration and interoperability of financial services for the […]

Graduating SBI Tatkal Customers

This Note discusses when and why customers may be ready to try new services beyond the entry Tatkal product.