Ritesh Dhawan

Digital Finance Expert

Ritesh Dhawan is currently working as a Senior Manager at Paytm, Noida, India. Ritesh has developed strategy and led the execution for "The Promoter Program" that focuses on active customer acquistion for Paytm Payments Bank. He leads a team of 600 people.

Ritesh Dhawan is a Senior Manager at Paytm Payments Bank—India's largest digital bank. He and his team aim to bring every Indian adult under the ambit of formal financial services. Ritesh leads a team of 600 people acquiring active customers for the bank. He also leads the training division for the bank. Ritesh was a Financial Inclusion Consultant with MSC. He led teams to execute assignments at client location. Data analysis and report writing were an integral part of his role. Ritesh is a certified expert in financial inclusion strategy, market research, process re-engineering, and product development.

Posts by Ritesh Dhawan

Remittances: The Evolving Competitive Environment

This Policy Brief examines the various facets of remittance product offerings, highlights some important aspects and issues around the different remittance models.

Review of MMT Payments to Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs) in Sheikhpura, Bihar

Accredited Social Health Activist or ASHAs generally face problems such as untimely payments, uncertainty in disbursement date, cheque clearance delay, and long waiting time at the bank branch. The Norway India Partnership Initiative has initiated a pilot project to improve the timeliness of payments to ASHA worker’s incentives in Sheikhpura district of Bihar using a mobile money transfer system.

Lessons from CSMs: Customer Perspectives

This Note focuses on feedback received from customers on the product offering, customer service, and the processes involved in m-banking, all important aspects of product acceptance and usage.

Managing Customer Satisfaction in Agent Banking

This Briefing Note discusses the design and implementation of a Customer and Channel Satisfaction Measurement and Management exercise which seeks feedback from m-banking customers on important areas.

Lessons from CSMs: Agent Perspectives

This Note particularly focuses on agent (customer service point/CSP) feedback. Regular CSM exercises can be very helpful in taking the pulse of its agents or customer service points (CSPs).

Managing Channel Satisfaction in Agent Banking

This Note covers the major areas where an agent’s input would be valuable to ANMs seeking to improve their mobile money products, services and delivery channels.

Marketing Lessons for the E/M-Banking Sector from India’s Corporate Giants

This Note portrays some of the successful rural marketing strategies of Indian corporate and attempts to show how these strategies can be adopted by Indian e/m-banking service providers.

Top Marketing Challenges for E/M-Banking (2/5)

This Note attempts to summarise the key challenges that the e/m-banking service providers face while promoting their services and also covers potential, actionable steps that could address the challenges.